Saturday, February 2, 2008

Did you ever create a concoction when you were a kid? Did you hit the jackpot? What is your favorite invented concoction, or favorite story of a kid's experimental disaster?

I remember making cellery flour cupcakes as a young lass! You can only imagine how delicious they were...

Well, here is my current story of a big kid reverting to child like creativity in the kitchen, revising the record! Saturday night, the kids are away, the husband is out playing music, there isn't a sweet thing to eat. Hmmm adlib a microwave mini cheese cake? Oh, no eggs... let's try anyway.

So I mixed maybe 3 heaping Tablespoonsof lite cream cheese (neufatel). Mixed with plenty of brown sugar. Heated a short stint in the microwave. Tasted a little like warm cream cheese and brown sugar. I wasn't finished yet. What next... added a handful of Guitard chocolate chips. Microwaved for some maybe 10 seconds and stirred well. that's more like it but I wanted it more cake or cookie like. So I mixed what was maybe 2Tablespoons of flour (or so) with 1 Tablespoon of soft butter, then added it to the concoction. Thought it looked a bit thick so I added a splash of milk. Maybe 1/8th of a cup. Microwaved for maybe 20 seconds?

Voila - eggless molten chocolate cheesecake brownie pudding delish! It was actually very tastey, but after all the taste tests, I could only eat a few bites. I think it was more about inventng than eating. I was sad that no one was here to feed it too! So it sits on my kitchen counter!

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