Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blended Hearts Pizza

Congratulations Isobel!  Your recipe was this month’s winner in the Mioposto Mt. Baker Pizzaoli Constest. As a reward for your culinary contributions a $25 gift certificate is available for you to pick up at the restaurant. Thank you so much for your submission. Happy New Year!

Manager, Mioposto

Thin crusted pizza with roasted artichoke pesto as the base, goat cheese, dotted with delicious large black olives and lots of flavorfully toasted pine nuts. The last step is to put fresh parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, olive oil, on top.

I tasted the pizza today at Mioposto, and wished there was more artichoke pesto coverage on the crust. Next time I'll ask for thicker artichoke. It was delicious though.


Rebecca Bush said...

Congratulations, Isobel! (Didn't you win a contest last year too?)

isobel said...

You are right. Last year my Pizza with feta cheese and lemon zest won the Pizza of the month, featured in March '09.

Teresa said...

Congrats! Why have I only just NOW started reading this?!