Monday, March 1, 2010

Canadian Winter Olympics Smoked Salmon Fettucine (thanks to Kendra Nordin)

Kendra Nordin's Fettucine Alfredo (alla Vancouver Winter Games) with "Gold" peppers had me salivating. I glanced at her ingredients to see if she skimped on the cream as the picture looks so worthy of everyday fare with the mushrooms, peppers and a garnish of baby spinach encircling the dish. Maybe she created a lean version of the sauce using chicken broth or some other trendy alternative to fat. I grinned when I saw heavy cream and butter in equal portions and ample parmesan cheese. Thumbs up1
Because I live in the Northwest, 2 hours from the Canadian border, my version has to have Northwestern smoked salmon in it. That is my Vancouver Canada Olympic tribute. Using Kendra's yummy recipe as a base, but adding orange as well as yellow peppers, smoked salmon instead of prosciutto, chopped fennel tips, dash of cayenne, and lemon zest added to the rich cream sauce. I'm thinking of surrounding it with tender spring asparagus or arugula, but spinach is good too. Truthfully, fettucine alfredo doesn't need all the fancy dancy additions to be lip-smackingly yummy. If you use good tasting cream, butter and parmesan cheese, it's one of those "died and gone to heaven" dishes.When rich cream is not the right thing, I thin the sauce with chicken or veggie broth, but believe me, it is not even half as good.

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