Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vegetarian challenge: Reubenesque Sandwiches

The best kind of improvisational cooking is when you make sense of some left-overs in a fantastic way and this happened tonight. The cabbage-saurkraut-onion-leek-apple concoction for the Veggie approximation of Chaucroute Garni (see recipe posted in November), was great with the cheese croutons embedded. It occured to me that the reverse would also be good, the cabbage mixture inside the sandwhich griled with cheese.
I used some artisan whole wheat bread slices, but French or rye would be great as well. Spread both sides with a layer of stone ground mustard on the inside and butter on the outside. Then sandwich the cabbage-kraut mixture with some generous slices of Swiss or French mountian cheese (I used Raclette). The sandwich was grilled in a frying pan until the cheese is melted and the bread is toasted light brown. Some of you may want to try mayo, horseradish, or dressing on top like they do Reuben sandwiches. The cabbage mixture is moist and I already put butter on the bread which seems sufficient ot me.


Rebecca Bush said...

Dang it! This has sent me off into a major Rueben Sandwich craving!

isobel said...

C'mon over Rebecca. Just enough left for YOU!