Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Island Gatherer picks up dinner in the wild

Returning home from a cold winter day working on one of the outer islands near Canada, Sara Gerlitz took advantage of the bounty of local goodness and harvested some dinner ingredients of wild onions and mussels.

Sara was braving the cold in an open boat with mosquitos and snow flurries in her face, collecting some topographical data of some wetlands.

 Sara describes her dish: "the final dish was actually sprouted red quinoa with the onion, mussels and dollops of a tahini, honey and red pepper flake mixture. The onion carpets the ground and is more chive like in taste than oniony"

photo credit: Sara Gerlitz


Rebecca Bush said...

Is all that greenery the sprouted red quinoa?

isobel said...

Actually, the greeny hair like stuff is the nest of wild chives, like Sara's picture of the growing sea grass like of chives. I can see some red grainy stuff that must have little tail sprouts attached under the chive strands.

Anonymous said...

Wild onions! That sounds like a very fresh meal.

The craziest I get here in New Englandis with fiddle heads, but I admit, I buy them instead of foraging for them.


isobel said...

and self-harvested mussels on this very wild and exposed rocky point on Puget Sound looking out at snow capped mountains and Vancouver Island, Canada.